100_4916 What a lovely experience tonight .. our cable was down all day and when we got home from our anniversary dinner we called Time Warner. Now I do not know about the satellite or Verizon or any other internet services… but Time Warner has 24 hrs a day customer service. I spoke with a man who was very intelligent about problems and Time Warners capabilities to see how much signal is coming thru our system without being in the house with us, is amazing. He could even tell what type of router we had, all from wherever he was located at. He talked me and my little old non techie brain thru all the steps and viola we are up and running again.

It is weird when we have the internet we think about maybe not keeping it, but when we did not have it, it was like the void one feels when they have lost something near and dear to them. So I say koodos to Time Warner- you absolutely are  the BEST…

And I also have a kinda funny little quip to share. I really found it pathetically humorous. I went to the gym after work, now the gym has a main room that I bet is at least 20 feet tall. It has been a pretty hot and humid summer and well this room is huge. It has a 16th of a mile track in the middle of the floor- inside the track are rowers, all kinds of nautilus, treadmills ( probably 15 )  , elliptical about 15 of them, stair steppers, Lot and lots of equipment, and than on the out side of the track is a full weight lifting area. So cooling that room to 65 would be almost impossible. Why are we at the gym… hmmm… to work out, and work out causes sweat, sweaty people only increase the temperature in a room, and there are A LOT of people who come in work out and leave all day long. So here I am, sweating my bageebers off, I have just finished working out, wanted to leave and get home, shower and dress for our anniversary dinner… I am trying to get my lock off and my bag and clothes together, and this young woman… ( not a slim or trim young woman) is in the locker room, on her cell phone complaining to whomever that she worked out for 5 minutes and has to leave because she is sweating, and the gym is not cold. Ahh.. not for anything my dear little one… but the sweat is a good thing…. and I think it might be good if you shared sweat time with the rest of us. But she left pee-ooed because in her mind the gym should be at 65. I had to snicker… only because she had entitlement syndrome to the MAX… and her idea of the gym is far from what it is intended to do. You should see some of the people when they are done… they look like the water hose broke on them as they were working out… me, I tend to hold the sweat on my skin and not soak it through my shirt. I hope you all have a good day… and sweat a little for health ! Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy