Have you ever had the feeling of being too far away from what you need to be at? Like the world seems minute only because it feels like you are standing too far away from it. I remember as a 5 year old I used to have the same nightmare. I never knew what it meant, but it was so real to me, and it would wake me up, I would cry out, mom ( or dad if it was a night he was home) would come and sit on the side of my bed and try to comfort me, I remember them softly petting my hair..than I would go back to sleep and have the same dream again. 100_4251

It would start at a table, like a long banquet table or a dining room table extended for quite a few people. I would be sitting at the table, looking around at many people talking amongst themselves, lots of little conversations, and no one talking to me, like I was looking through a window at them instead of being right there. Some people I knew, others I did not. IT seemed like all of the sudden the words became less clear, and my chair began to get legs that were extending upward. I could not get out of the chair, and it kept rising up. As it did the voices became fainter, no one could hear me calling out for help,  and the people became tinier, until they all just looked like spots.

Well this scene I photographed reminded me of how it felt in those nightmares. Everyone was like pebbles far away and there was nothing I could do to make the pebbles become people again.

This dream  would scare me because I could not get out of the chair, and the higher I got ..the further I was from anyone else. Alone, amid air, afraid.

That was one dream that vividly left a huge impression in my psyche- because I feel the feeling of despair as I recall this repetitive dream. Have you ever had a dream that frightened you? And than they won’t stop coming back… ahhhh

Have a peaceful night….?? I wonder what this dream meant? Love Mrs. justa.. alias Cindy