Life seems like a big puzzle at times, doesn’t it?

If the pieces are fitting together nicely all is well, but what about when it seems like there are too many stubs and not enough curves for the stubs to lock into to- than life is chaotic. Or worse if nothing is interlocking !! UGG did you ever do one of those puzzles… someone hits the board and the pieces slide away from each other, nothing to hold onto.

I found this image on Google..Image from Google images- From

and it is showing things fitting together perfectly. How often though does that happen in life.

I came upon the puzzle thought today as I pulled into the parking lot at 7:30. Start time is officially 8:00 for most, and so there were many spots to chose from. As I pulled into one, last in a row, closest to a fence ( Less chance of door dinging my car ) I thought about how the parking lots are like puzzles. We each drive in , in our puzzle piece, and we look for a spot we can fit in, where our cars width, and the closeness of the other car to the line, is satisfactory enough to pull in, open your door and go for the day. My car is a border puzzle piece, I love to line the edge of the lot…

Than I tool this puzzle thought and went into work. 100_2465

This is actually the area we are now in, but as they were getting ready to put up all the cubicles. Puzzle pieces, just like a big 3_D puzzle. If the pieces are put together well- than the cubicles will be fine, but is there are pieces missing- it messes up the whole set up.

Somehow all the pieces made about 28 cubicles.. amazing.

Think about things in life, everything really is a puzzle. from relationships, if the words and actions are puzzle pieces, they can blend together nicely or cause all sorts of commotion. Recipes, each ingredient is a piece to the puzzle… and if you have them all, measured them carefully- you have a finished puzzle in the end.

The roads we drive on. Puzzles everywhere…

So enjoy all those puzzle pieces you handle every day, and make sure you are not causing another persons puzzle pieces to not fit right. Everything needs to be interlocking… good luck, Love.. Mrs Justa…