100_4383 Refreshed and cleansed- yep I feel that today, I went to church and it felt good to be there. I had missed a few Sundays in the past few weeks, and I missed going.

Than we went off to the gym, Marks leg is bothering him, so he was working strictly in the water, me I worked on the machine and the elliptical. Than came home, swept and washed the floors, did a load of laundry, went out an weeded the garden, picked 4 tomatoes, 12 radishes, some lettuce , 2 cukes and a zucchini. I am not optimistic on the zucchini, they are beginning to look like they are tired of reproducing any  more.

We rented a movie from the red box ( just a buck and taxes) so we are off to settle down and watch it.

I was smiling at church today, there were newly weds in the service- they are both elderly people and were wed yesterday. It was neat to see them together, they sat alone a lot of the time in church before. They are old enough to know what marriage is about, yet young enough to want to share their remaining life together. It was special, for to them it is forever.

Too many younger people seem to get married just because, and too many have the attitude that if it doesn’t work , than so be it. The process of quitting does not belong in a marriage. It just should not be. People need to really think about if they will commit to stay with the other person FOREVER. That is a huge commitment, but if you can not make it, than do not get married.

My daughter in law shared something on facebook that is titled “Marriage” It is really heavy… it is bittersweet. The jest of it in a nut shell is to not let your marriage slip away from you. It is not a disposable item. There was a reason why you said you would share your life with this person, stop and see what those reasons are. I am not sure if “Vicky Deaton” wrote it or just posted it on her facebook page, but it is an “Awww WOW’ type article.

I wish you all a good night, and please nurture your relationships, and not walk away from them. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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