This my dear friends is a “Kettle Ball” that is a cute name100_6027_edited for “ kick you arrsss ball” and every other muscle possible in the journey. This particular one is a ten pounder. The goal is to do exercises while holding onto this kettle ball and it helps to trim as you lose.

We have a trainer at the gym, he is cool, because he knows Marks limitations and is able to work with Mark so he can do things around the disabilities he has. And me, well I have a few of my own quirks, and he works around them with me too.

On Weds night the trainer decided to introduce the “Kettle Ball” to me, he showed me how to swing it from the upper right shoulder to the lower left calf, referring to it as the “chopping wood” move.  I had to swing this thing 10 times both sides, And than he had me try to squat like I was going to sit down, with this kettle ball gripped in both of my hands and I held it firm lowering it to the floor- or close to the floor. I tried to get it to the floor but … not quite there yet….

. Oh yeah and I had 10 minute individual lifting it above my head, and there was one I stood and held tight as I swung it slowly from up to down between my legs.. Boy, there are nerve endings that must have  been on vacation, cuz they came back the day after my kettle ball introduction.

I liked the exercise, it really targeted areas I  must not have been targeting before, but it is not easy! They are not readily available in the gym, they are in one of the areas for “boot camp” . That means that after this next couple sessions we will not have access to them, as we are  probably going to stop using the trainer for a bit. So this weekend we bought a kettle ball for home, and In about 1 hr I plan to work with the kettle ball for a 20 minute session.

People come up and ask “How did you do it” to Mark and to me. it is like people want to know a magic secret for weight loss. And I think most people know you have to burn more calories than you consume, and that starving yourself does not work. And the other thing is move… no matter what you can not do, there is something you can do. Mark can do thing in the pool like walk- but on dry land walking is very difficult, he can swim, he can ride a recumbent bike, he can work a few of the machines. Mark is pushing 100 pounds off right now. HE may need to come home and take a nap, or rest for a bit… but he knows he had to lose the weight…

Me.. I can do the treadmill, the elliptical, a couple of swinging leg machines, some upper body stuff, and machines and the kettle ball… I am down 45-47 lbs depending on the morning, and continue to work to lose more. 

We are continuing to go forward, and we pretty much know what we can to to accomplish our goal while still acknowledging that we have things we can not do for physical reasons.  I am going to write about the changes I have noticed, and where I want to be in a yr from now. Now I ask you… where do you want to be in a yr from now? Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy