Things we should do                     Things we should not do

Be kind                                        Offend others

Be gentle                                      Hurt others feelings

Work diligently                             Waste others precious time

Respect others space and time       Damage things or discard things that

                                                    have worth

Stop and listen to others                Interrupt or ignore others

Be trustworthy and honest              Do not lie



As you have walked over the planks of your life, as you have entwined your moments with other peoples life, did you ever have any people who behaved or acted like those things listed on the right side?

Do you try to be conscious of how you treat others?

I can still hear my mom telling me over and over again “ To do unto others as you would have them do unto you” She taught me that in every step of my life.

Another thing she would say is  “ Beauty is as beauty does.” and “People reap their rewards” than in my teenage years it was “Make love not war.”

When life seems like a roller coaster of events and situations that you kinda wish you had not had gone through ,after it is over I really think that you will have learned something from them. I have, every darn time…

And somehow the things my mother taught me growing up seem to come to play when I have had events or situations ,that have not been positive, happen in my my life.  I truly try to treat others like I like to be treated, and unfortunately in life there are times we can be treated by some folks in a manner I for one would never treat another person.

Momma was right, as I sit back and observe situations where things are just not right, I find that those who live by the Golden Rule seem to be calmer, and probably rest more at night . And people who treat others poorly- tend to reap sadness, maybe displeasure, maybe discontent. I think they even tend to age quicker, have frown lines on their face, and their eyes tend to not sparkle with joy.

Have you ever people watched? Sat at the mall, or a park and watched people. I love to do that… because I run little dramas through my head. Like the frowner, I make a scenario why they are frowning, or the person who walks with their head down low- are they shy, or just really having a sucky day? I love to watch kids and their energy, and it is so great when you see kids with their parents, and each seem to enjoy the other. 

100_4137_edited Me.. I hope the that as I step on each stone in the path of my life image I give to others is one of kindness, one of giving, and when I am with my family, I hope they see a love in my eyes for each of them, and when I am talking to the employees at work, I hope I am always seen as being compassionate, open  and understanding. Time is precious, and to waste it in self pity or unpleasant behavior- well it is a waste of time that we can not get back again.

Yes, the Golden Rule… it is the way to live… than each night I know when I go to sleep that I have been the best person I can be in every step of life I have just walked through. Have a great night, Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy