Yesterday has burned off into the darkness and today, well it was another challenging day. But I kept my sights on resolution to my dilemmas and worked towards a brighter tomorrow. Isn’t that what we should do, look for brightness ahead and not focus on the gloom behind.

I know people who get stuck in a Woe Is Me type situation were they almost thrive on ugliness that is past. It is like they love to bring up previous hurt and pain. They may start talking in the present but soon they back track to the wrongs of yesterday. It is like they have to feed the monster.

Me, I try to deal with things and then pigeon hole them , I avoid confrontation at all costs, I am more a “make peace not war “ type person, and I guess that can lead to hurt.

Life can be like a rope swing over the river, one second I am flying in the air , wind blowing my hair and the breeze feels so refreshing .. and than bam- drop off into that dang muddy, murky water. So in the future- I would remember the breeze and freedom, and not the gunky water.

It is a day of challenges that is quickly coming to an end… and I am pooped. I think it was 4am today I woke up and than proceeded to watch the alarm clock for an hr, not wanting to move and wake up Indi or Mark.. but at 5 I was done staring at the digital clock and got up, I went thru the bills , logged in all due this week, and proceeded to get ready for my day.

I hope all had a good day.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLY… peace to all, Love Mrs Justa…

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