It is funny how some days can seem like they are murky. The reflections of what we know is to be become cloudy. The crystal clear way that something has always been shows its yucky side.

Well , for me, that was how this week is turning out. disappointments in the ways certain things are turning out and an inability to feel like I can see the way through the water.

I have found in life, that when things are like this, all of the sudden things seem discombobulated for one reason or another.. that is the time to let time work for me.  AS upset as I once would have gotten, I know to put emotions on hold and wait for a day or two, looking for clarity, planning a way to add whatever to the mix and clear things up.

I love trouble shooting, problem solving, but in the murk, it is hard to know the components of the problem all the way. Time settle the ripples, and will once again bring sharpness.

This can be any factor in our lives when we have moments like this. At home, being a parent, being in a relationship, at a time when ya can not seem to figure out a solution to a financial problem, at work, a loss, a betrayal, the situations go on.

it really does not matter what the situation is, when you are in it, remember to keep check on your emotions and let time make things clearer. 100_5353And when this something happened today-this moment of feeling like I wanted to scream.. I got up, I thanked the person for their time, and I went out to walk around a couple city blocks, just me and God and the realization that I am blessed to have that relationship. Once I felt a peace.. I went back to what I was doing. But without those  few moments of separating the world from me.. and just being me… I think the rest of the day would have been Hell on Earth..

That is what is so neat about determination and faith. First I know that it is not about me… nope I am just a minute part of this existence we have.I also know if I ever try to do things and leave God out, well I will not achieve what I think I am aiming for, and often times I end up feeling defeated. So in times of trouble and times of happiness I need to always pray.

I know that it is the real things in life that are important, relationships, helping others, and being a good person.

And I also know that not everyone is like that, and when I forget any of these facts, I get disappointed or hurt.

So tomorrow is another day, and the murkiness will go away some. I have friends, family and faith.. the three “Fs” – and with those three things – well the rest will be just fine. It is just one of those down days today… nothing major in the scheme of things… but a life’s learning moment… never leave out the 3 “Fs” . never leave God out either. Peace to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy