100_4081One day comes and another day is gone. One day things are okay, the next day things can be chaotic. Life. It is okay at times and sometimes it is a challenge. 

I watch this come true in the profession I am in. The administration of self insurance health plans. one second a person is doing fine and the next they are in an ER with something gone wrong.

We never meet the people or the families, but we always feel for them. It just reiterates that we need to treasure each moment we are blessed with. Whether it be an organ that stops working properly, an illness unable to be treated out patient, a bone that breaks, a fall that injured, an accident. Each case we review, it makes it so clear that life is something we can not take for granted.. life is unpredictable.

Swirling in my mind are days gone by. Days I can not change what I did or did not do. As the days pass and I think about what others have, what others have accomplished, I feel that I have not taken advantage of all the opportunities that we each have as we become adults.

I should have saved more money, I should have invested in a retirement plan , I should have been careful with decisions I made.. all things I can not change now. So our retirement plan is to win the lottery.. that is a poor planning move.. but with “A Little Bit Of Luck” image from google images… – well this little guy with the huge head claims he is all we need. We just gotta find him.

There are different things I have wanted to become- I LOVE being a nurse, but I wished I was different things …an air traffic controller for a while and a computer geek, a legal office nurse, a dog trainer, a day care operator, … all of which are thoughts, semi passions that flew right by me… What do you want to do with your life? What profession did you want to try but never quite made it there?

And what would I do right now, if in the blink of an eye what I do now is no longer there to do? Hmmm… I think I would try to get back in hospital, work as a floor nurse. It is HARD work, but so very rewarding, because at days end, I always knew I made a difference in the patients day- and being a patient can suck !!

So I am off.. gotta get some shut eye… maybe dream of chances never taken, night night, Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy