Mark and I have been so careful to check menu items before we go out and have a great handle on what we are going to order before we even get to the restaurant. Well tonight we did not. We also were AMAZED at the fricken calories when we brought the nutrition panel up tonight. It was not that good to have cost us 1865 calories. Fortunately it was the gym night with the trainer, so between work, and 1 1/2 hrs in the gym tonight I burned 3600 calories- so my whomping 2407 is not quite as painful. But it is no where near what we figured dinner would be.

So as we proceed into tomorrow, the words of advice if you care at all about what you eat is check the  nutrition status before you go out.

We were on one site and do you know a bloomin onion is over 3000 calories.  Or that a whopper is over 1000. It really is amazing when ya start paying attention to the nutritional panel.. Have a great night… I wanna go live at the gym now !!. Love to all Mrs Justa…


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