Life is weird really. Ya never know what will happen from one moment to the next. We think we are all set in our lives and poof. …. in the blink of an eye our whole outlook has changed.

100_2356 Sometimes we feel on top of the world and sometimes the bottom of the barrel looks like a climb to get up to.

Now you do not need to wait for a phone to ring…just go on line…the key board can bring joy, can bring wisdom, can bring pain…..

May I first state that Facebook has positive features, it is a way to reach out an find someone from your past, a friend you thought you would never find again, or when we have family that are far away, it is a way to stay in touch with them and avoid playing phone tag.

I have had a few examples in reading various face book sagas. Heck some of these are like a soap opera. in my humble opinion. …………….

it is not intended for family feuds or fights among friends… ..Sure it may get more people on your page to see which person is next to respond.

I have friends and family that have had attacks done on line- either on a blog, on facebook or some other site. And the sad thing is that others get hurt who read the stuff. It is hard not to read it, when there is a scrolling of faceslaps… but really… what is once on line …….  it is there- it does not go away.

Just like blogging, and social network sites other than Facebook- if you really do not want it out there- do not put it out there. I have a feeling if it is on the internet- years from now it may still be out there.

Heck some of the pages I have landed on because of a connection to a friend of a friend are like watching a cyber roller derby competition. People grabbing each others hair, and elbow butting …Just because they call it “ON LINE” does not mean it is where to hang your dirty laundry…. So lets all get along.

One two three… “Kumbaya… “  With much love to all… and peace…. Love Mrs justa…