Well we are back from our one night in the woods. The weather was perfect really, in the woods it was about 10 degrees cooler than the sites out in the open. We got there about 12:30, the ride out was a tad rough and we were really wondering how the 97 Intrepid was going to hold up. But it was fine. No overheating and the ride home was smoother, we think we have the weight distributed incorrectly on the way out.

We were thrilled to have been able to coordinate with Jeff and Amanda for a dinner in the woods. If they could have been there longer- we would have tried the playground and pool for the kids and family- but it was not really a long enough amount of time . Brandon is going to be 2 next month, but he is none too soon on the unending energy 100_5927and imagination of a 2 yr old already. 

He found the little lanterns we had on the counters and he loves to make things work. He was pushing buttons to make them go from low, to high to blinking red. He had sandals on, but that did not slow his speed down. He was really lots of fun!.

100_5924And Preston is a wonderful baby- no fuss really, he was content to just be in his seat or the swing.  Here he is swinging with his brothers baseball hat on. He really is so content , it is amazing how  good these little guys are.

I think Jeff and Amanda enjoyed the woods as much as we enjoyed them coming out.   100_5907                                                                                


It was a block of time when we could all enjoy each other and some dinner cooked over a fire pit, a crackling wood fire that followed.. and even though they missed the S’mores… ummm they were delicious.

We were very glad it did not rain, and extremely glad we were able to get a site in the woods. It is pretty there, only 35 minutes away…and it is a sense of comfort to me to know that everyone there is a member, people are very friendly, it is so clean, safe for kids to spend summertime days and nights,

100_5856 There is a lake where the people can rent a row boat, paddle boat and can fish there too. 100_5854 We sat up on the deck that overlooks the lake for a while.

With a gentle breeze, it was not bad , even though it was fairly hot.

All in all… it was a good time had for all.

I am trying to get ready for Monday and a full week or pushing as much work thru as possible.

Yes my kidney infection is feeling a little bit better. It is weird, it is more quiet than usual here today, as Indi is at the “Spa” for the weekend… ( alias the kennel)

We are going to try to introduce him to camping gradually, and this being our maiden voyage with the camper since last time we the car and camper together was probably 2004, we did not need the anxiety of camping for the first time with Indi too. I hope everyone did something neat this weekend. Love to all, Mrs Justa..,,alias Cindy