Family, it means different things to different people. Some people have tight knit families, others have families that feel they did not choose to be in, and hence forth are not active in them .

The spectrum of how family ties are tied, and how we respond to our relatives- I think it is infinite.

Life takes us too fast , too far away from our families- in my humble opinion. I truly love my family. I do. Sure there are some who might be distant in their emotional part of the relationship- but still they are my family and I am part of their family.

This photo is of 2 of my brothers and me , my older brothers. Mark took it at the family reunion. my brothers are totally different in their political beliefs, and are funny to limit their discussions of how the US government is handling situations, or on their feelings of the administration at any given yr. Their whole outlook on life, their children, each have their own uniqueness, and I truly love them both. I look forward to the family reunion so I can share moments in time with them in person. One lives in Michigan the other in Arizona. So this is when we meet…100_5844

And this is me with one of my younger brothers he actually lives about 20 minutes from us, and it is strange how 20 minutes away can almost be like being in a different state.

No matter how often or how seldom I see my family, I cherish them. Our own kids and their families- oh that makes me feel warm inside to think of them and our grandchildren…

my sisters and brothers, their spouses and significant others… their children…and in some cases their children’s children…. ,

We seem to live in a world that spins faster than we can control. It seems that jobs and 24 hr services, and internets, and gyms, hobbies, sports, work, and business seem to consume us and we tend to loose focus on things tht should matter more.

In an instant that special someone can be gone, we think they are there forever … yet they left in a blink of the eye…and we can not get back the times we let slip by. I miss the family members who have passed on, and I treasure what ever memories of them I might have. I feel bad for those who can snot make the reunion.. for this too is a moment gone in the passage of time.

I think that work can be too demanding at time for many of us, I feel that it is too easy to let a day slip by without making a call, seeing one another…. and the day turns into a week and before you know it- it can be months since you spoke to a person you care so much for.

So at least for me… the Family Reunion is just that.. a time to reunite. I would love it if every member of the family could make it for one year. My gosh.. I wonder what that number is now. How I missed those who could not be there… but how I treasured the moments with those there.

Yes, my advice for the day is to pick up that pen, send someone a real letter, a note saying you are thinking of them. Not an e mail, not a text… a real honest to goodness US Postal service delivered note.

Lets take away the techno – and bring back the real life …Love to all… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy… ( and yes.. this is my computer !! ) I got it tonight… my stuff was saved… the virus is gone… ( He said A LOT of viruses are caught via facebook and social networks…. )