056Okay, so whomever I really pissed off, I am sorry. What ever I have done wrong, I will try to correct. I musta done something REALLY bad for all the crap that is going on to be happening right now. Issues everywhere…. grrrrrr   My latest dilemma is my computer crashed- I do not mean fell to the floor- I mean corrupted, crashed, kaboom. 

So my past 5 months of FitDay.com is at large. GRRRR that is 5 fricken months of recording measurements, every piece of food I have eaten, all the various exercises I have done, a journal of how I felt on Feb 14th and where I am now.

Oh I could just scream.

All my photos— may be gone. My Quicken report for 2010… I clicked on that baby … nothing.

The computer is actually at the computer store, and the guy said he thought he could get it up and running. But tonight I tried to sign onto Fit Day.com and it does not know me.

So word to the wise.. get a reputable anti virus/anti everything ware… seems the one I got in January- took my money but the computer man said it never loaded onto the computer.

Further research shows the damn company is from the UK!!! Ahhh..have I told you how much I like the crooks on the web lately. Ahh… I am annoyed, I am really aggravated… and in the scope of the crisis in the world… this seems petty- but to me.. right now… it is really bugging the heck out of me. So I am off to enjoy a freeze pop… I have e mailed fitday to see if they can find me… heck I hope they can… If not I will start over… but my thoughts are different now than they were 42 pounds heavier… and Quicken- I can reenter the yr…. OMG that will take forever… maybe I will get lucky and the guy at the repair place will find my files… light  a candle for my computer… grrrr. I am not a happy camper !!! Love, Mrs Justa…. alias… lost…