Some will probably think I am pathetic when I say that while I am on the various gym machines, I sometimes ( more often than not) am watching either ”wife swap” or “world’s strictest parents” as I pedal, climb or walk my way to my future.

This is probably what got me thinking about this thought for tonight We were driving today to my work and my mind started to think.

The drive goes through various areas of the suburbs, villages and city as I trek the path to work.

As we were proceeding I was looking at the various houses and thinking that behind these closed doors are people. People with differences like night and day. On the show “Wife Swap” that is what they do. Each wife from a very different life style agrees to spend 1-2 weeks with another family- who lives in a way that is totally opposite of the wife’s life who is coming to visit. As I was looking at these houses, I was thinking about “what is behind their drapes, blinds and doors?” Are they neat freaks, are the total slobs, .. do they give their family members respect? or is there a totalitarian life style behind the walls?

Do they speak to one another? Do they yell? Are there kids? Are the kids safe? How about pets? Are the pets cared for?
After seeing these shows… it is very apparent that we are all very different. what kirks and idiosyncrasies do the people in each house have? Do they clean their house? Are there cupboards with food… or with dust?

I personally do not think I could function living in someone else’s home for 2 weeks, with people who would be against me from the beginning- because I would be so different from their mom/wife. I was “justa” thinking… wondering.. if every house we drove by… if there was harmony in these homes?

Because you are not in this house— you will not see me go and fold the laundry once the dryer stops, or enjoy my freeze pops… Have a harmonious life… treat others as your are ok being treated like… and enjoy each minute. Love, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy