Whoa, what an eye opener, what a “Thank God he is okay moment”

I was in the bathroom, doing.. well you know what I was doing…anyhow I looked and the floor register and saw these dog tags inside the register, resting on the grate inside that adjusts for more or less heat to come through.

The ring that had held them was bent open.

Poor Indi and Imus have been spending a lot of time laying on the tile floors in all this heat… . And sometime this afternoon, when Mark had come down to pick me up, Indi  must have laid on the register and his tags must have dropped thru the register and  turned.

The heat register is screwed into the floor, so the only way for him to get out of the situation would have been to tug with all his necks might , until he was free.

The poor thing, he must have been totally freaked out.

I unscrewed the register and got out his dog tags, and put them on the ring his rabies tag is on. I would prefer not to have them dangling at all, but God forbid he was ever to get loose, people would not know who he was or where he belonged.

So I have placed a rug over the register. Man oh man, I just keep thinking about what if he had panicked and twisted instead of pulling straight up- he could have strangled himself.

100_3761So my message tonight is to have others heed warning… this could have turned out horribly.

This is how the license was before- see it danged down a little. It was actually on the ring the dog tag came with .

I touched around his neck to make sure he did not break open his skin, it does not appear he did, but it seems a little tender. 

I Thank God for watching over him and giving him the guidance to get out of a really scary and detrimental situation.

Indi will be watching the Yankee game with us tonight. Amen……………………..

Have a good night everyone… and be safe. Love mrs Justa .. a very thankful Indi’s mom… and there is a very thankful Indi’s dad here too….

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