100_4726_editedCan’t you feel coolness now? The crisp cold feel of winter. The wind whipping down your collar, your fingers feeling like they are going to fall off from being so cold, your teeth chattering. Ahhh.. yes… that snow bank would feel pretty good right now!

The news is threatening if we are not conservative- we can not be assured of no short  possible black outs in some areas in the Northeast –

no for sures- but this morning on my way into work they were going thru do’s and don’ts.

Do not leave fans going when you are not in the room. Do not have AC going when you are not home.

Do laundry at night. Keep extra electric things off.

So I am going to post and sign this baby off. I do have a few fans going- it is HOT! If the power goes off- it will be a lot hotter though!

I guess down the road a few miles there were folks without electricity. Ugg. and in Toronto- thousands without power 2 days ago… we are spoiled— back in the day – people had paper fans…and wore really heavy clothes… I am glad I live now… and I hope the pwer stays on… and I hope everyone out there stays safe. Love to all.. mrs Justa…

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