Phew is it HOT !!

There are not too many days a year like this, but when it is like this.. ahhh it is sticky. Feels like over 100 with the humidity during the day, feels like your skin is going to stick together, Growing up in suburbia there was NO circulation in the house, or the housing track . I remember taking my brothers and sisters in the bathroom, turning on just the hot water to make it a steam room and once we could not stand another second of the heat in the bathroom, we would open the door and fly to our beds- hoping we could fall to sleep while our brains were still telling us how much cooler it was out of that steam bathroom.

I remember laying on my bed, in a princess PJ top with its matching panty, covering with just a sheet and with every part of my body spread so it did not touch any other part of my body. I remember how totally grumpy my mom would get in this heat and humidity. She had no patience for us , we could tell by her tone in her voice…

The housing track had been built on a swamp land- so it grew mosquitoes like nobodies business-  they were hungry sneaky mosquitoes, they came in the house, and in the hot, muggy, hard to breath nights, they would buzz in my ear canal as I was sleeping- uggg. I would wake up and have to go do the steam bathroom again. They would nibble thru the sheets, oh there were many miserable summer nights I spent in that house.

And tonight.. as hot as it is here- I am so glad I am not there. On nights like this I am reminded how much nicer the country is.. at least we get a breeze, it cools some at night, we have few mosquitoes, and on nights like this- we have a small AC in our bedroom.

I stay out of the bedroom until I am ready to go to bed- because walking out of there- it feels like a heat wall as we enter the rest of the house- the bedroom is 66 and the rest of the house is 85. Most nights we only need the window fan.. but this week— it is AC all the way in the land of slumber… Yeah baby—

So I am about to pass thru the heat wall, into the land of sleepiness, and I am looking forward to a brief shower, a small cold front to drop the temp down about 10 degrees or so… be careful out there… drink LOTS of water… and be safe. Love to all. mrs Justa.