RUSTIC… hmm- in buying a house- that can be saying a lot with out saying anything.

We are about to venture to the family reunion. And we have been reserved a “ Rustic “ Cabin. That can mean many things depending if it is labeled such by a suburbanite…  and this camp site is appearing in the brochure to be a suburbanite type camp site. Flat, recreation hall, pool, lack of natural surroundings… so when we looked at the info last year on it- we did not have a camper- and we signed up for a cabin to be reserved for us. There was a cabin in the advertisement that had pots pan, a kitchenette, bathroom, shower… yeah it was lookin’ mighty nice.

Well I called to find out just how Rustic is rustic, as I needed to know what to pack. ( I was expecting her to say- just bring linens and your food and clothes- everything else is here for you….

Than the voice on the phone said..Sleeps 5, has bunk beds and electricity…than she stopped- I thought maybe she was reaching for the detailed list- maybe to make sure she told me everything…. But it was the  END OF THE story- as far as what it has.  NO water, no bathrooms, ( they are 300 yards away) sounds like no shelves or furniture— the lady said “ just bunk beds and electricity”. I asked her if there were any lights in the cabin… she said “oh and over head lights. A fire pit out side, and a picnic table.

So we need to pack bedding, something to cook on, coolers, water jugs, fans ( as this is not like being in the woods and it is going to be in the 90s this weekend) we are bringing TV tables to set things on, and now wishing we had just signed up for a camp site- as we now have the camper back- and I think it would be nicer than this situation.

Live and learn.. I guess.. and I am sure  it will be better than I am imagining it right now. It was just kinda backwards today to have to pop up the camper to take our stuff out of it, to pack into our car, so we have it to use at this  rustic cabin. We used to have a white bin with camping stuff in it- like a dish drainer, rope to hang wet clothes on, table cloth for a picnic table , but I guess we must have given it away when we moved. So I bought another dish pan, dish drainer, and small soap for doing the dishes. The reunion is nice though, as we get to see family- we never see. The nieces and nephews have kids of their own, the brothers and sisters have kids of their own who have kids of their own. It is a fairly spread out family- and this- it puts us all in one place—even if it is only for a moment in the grand scheme of life.

We have chopped, and boiled and packaged food, and laundry is done, the garden is weeded. lawn mowed…and we will venture to see everyone for a day or so… it will be fun, it will be nice, and even the rustic cabin will be something to write about. I hope you each have a good July 4th. Do have fun wherever you are. Love to all.. Cindy. alias mrs Justa.