This weekend the tall ships came into Oswego NY. It was neat to go up there on Friday night and just veg. We went up to the parking area that overlooks the port , we did not feel the need to pay $10.00 admission to watch the ships sit at the dock- heck they are big enough that everyone can see them.

100_5573They were offering rides to people  and this is the boat load of people getting spoken to.  The guy with the tan pants and navy blue shirt spoke to these folks for a while. We almost left- thinking it was kinda like a floating museum and it was not going to go out on the water, it was neat to see it like this.

Imagine what it would have been like to pack whatever you felt was necessary into a trunk and to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean. No idea where you are actually going, probably nervous because you have heard the nay-sayers stating it is a flat not round place we live on and people will just drop off the edge.

I am sure there were rodents, spiders, damp smells, poor conditions, darkness. I think I would have suffered an anxiety attack during that very long venture to the unknown, hoping to fulfill dreams. As we were talking to each other about traveling on a boat such as this , all of the sudden they took off and set sail. 100_5602It traveled very slowly, yet it was a majestic site , at least to me.

The boat took off for about 1 1/2 hrs, but at the speed it was going I am sure it did not go far.

We left the over look and went down to the peer. It is a cool place to go to. When Mark was able to walk a distance- we would walk the length of it, it goes down quite a ways. We still go up now and find a bench and enjoy life as it passes by.

So as we drank our coffee, we saw an older gentleman kayaking in the channel… 100_5612

he was really booking.






100_5618We saw a few sea gulls. It may sound weird to people who totally do not understand.. but my mom says Hi to me through seagulls. It is like her spirit is soaring on on their wings or sitting with them as they watch the world go by. She loved sea gulls, and had some poems about the seaside. She loved the ocean, so as I see the sea gulls, sometimes I feel like my mom is there.

We had a nice relaxing time.

We went to Fulton this evening to watch the Lake near by and sip on some coffee. and ….Hee hee- there was a sea gull who landed next to our car and just kept staring at me, not in a threatening way, but as if it was mom again tonight, almost in a compassionate way.

Mark was laughing with me at this sea gull who just kept looking at me, and me I was wondering if mom was there…

So as I close for tonight, I hope that you had a nice weekend. I am planning to hit the pavement really early in the morning. I worked from home this weekend and have some important documents I printed to the work printer for  a web-in-ar on Monday afternoon… it was a one time print option… , and I think the printer is holding them in memory- so I want to get in there before one of the early nurses goes in and cancels the print job, because the printer will not work for anyone else if it is stuck on my job… .

Have a good Monday… Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy