New beginnings, each day we have new beginnings. We get a new chance to get it right. Like these flowers, as they open up to a new day, bright, optimistic that the breeze will not be too harsh, that water will not be too scarce and that no one comes and destroys them .

I think as I climb out of bed each day, I feel like it is a new chance. Yesterday is gone and I can not change it, but today is a new day, a day to open up and be optimistic that things will go okay. A day to look at the clear chances and opportunities.

Today has been a pretty good day, all in all.

The eye that had surgery does its own thing, it will be clear for a bit, that get a little fuzzy, but I think it is related to all the drops I have to put in it all day. All part of healing.

Sometimes I feel like I have super sonic vision— than it goes to more of a blur on the edges. 100_5032

When it happens it is like I want to rub it, but I am not going to ! And eventually everything looks fine again. As I am going through this, I think that each day of life is just like that. Some things are really clear and other things.. Not so much.

Some things we see and know really clear- and yet we try to not focus on what we know too. We try to blur things that are in focus,like smoking, or gorging on food, or drinking, or driving when we are distracted…. things that are very clear to us- we know they are not good- so we blur them…maybe we justify if we do not look at the fact- the fact is not there….

and than we also try at times to look into things that are a blur and fool ourselves that they are clear as day… like a new relationship, a new profession, life changing events. I think because we are wanting it to be clearer than it is… but it is too new to become clear yet.

Have you ever started a new job and had absolutely no idea what it was about. Everything is a blur— yet we have to pretend like it is clear…for we do not want the people we are working for to think we are not a good fit. So we try to clear up everything… and eventually we do… but while it is fuzzy- it really is difficult.

Or have you ever been in a relationship— or wanted to be in one so bad- that the other person becomes an image you want them to be- instead of who they really are. Another example of something blurry- that is artificially made clear.

So off I go to the sometimes clear, sometimes slightly blurry world- I have some work to do, and dinner to make. I hope  that each of us can stay focused on what is real… and realize what or who are the things or people we do not know well enough – so we take time to bring them into focus. Love to all. Mrs justa.. alias Cindy