Wow, What a really weird experience today. I had to have cataract surgery and have the lens in my eye replaced. While it is fresh in my mind I am going to share the experience. The preparation was minimal really, no food after midnight, go in, they put a bunch of drops in the eye to make the pupil huge, place an Iv for relaxing- not sedating meds, and in ya go.

On the operating table, I am cocooned with blankets so I can not flinch, the surgeon has a sterile drape over my face- just an opening for the eye being operated on. When he was putting in the Novocain the sedating IV meds were increased, as Novocain hurts.. I felt nothing just knew he was injecting the needle around my eye.

100_4719 It felt like he had an eye ball clamp of some sort, and it felt like he actually removed the lens. Once that happened- I could see or focus on nothing. Everything was hues of gray and black areas. Kinda if you put your eye real close to a piece of material, so close that you could not make out anything but blur. As he had me unable to see anything, I heard the zap sounds of the laser- I believe he was zapping the cataract out. He said a few oh… and umms… but I kept my mouth shut, moved not a muscle…just a world of blindness… just was.

Finally he said he was ready for the lens, and than the blurs became something different. It felt like he was trying to position it correctly.. a twist to the left and right, and 100_4449 as he did that.. it was like looking through a cheap worn out kaleidoscope. Blurry shapes trying to become something. After he fidgeted a little with the lens, there was bright light and that zap sound again- like maybe he was laser sealing the lens in place.

Off to recovery.. vitals fine.. off to recovery 2- get to eat some toast, drink some juice, go to the bathroom and off I went, via volunteer and wheel chair to my husband who was sent off so he could be  waiting at the curb side for me.

So now it is 4 hrs post op- there is some

vision in the new lens eye- it is like looking thru a prism. I am told to rest, so I am off to try to take a snooze. I have to tape a shield over my eye when sleeping, so not to rub my eye. I see the doc on Thrus at 1PM, and than I will start to get my life back to normal. Back to work on Monday if all goes well, no lifting or bending below the waist line, and drops 4 times a day for a few weeks.

All in all.. not real bad. But what a weird feeling to be temporarily blind. Having the desire to see, yet no matter what the will was , it was impossible to see. I got the sample of blindness, many have it for life. What a strong person it takes to overcome blindness…Peace to all, Love Mrs Justa… alias Cindy