Someone’s special little boy, grows up way too fast, and becomes special to some else, and they become that someone else’s boyfriend.

And than one day that special boyfriend becomes a husband, a new – big time new chapter in his life begins,  and he is very special to his wife.

And if the stars are shining down on them just right , if they are fortunate to be blessed with a gift from God, that special man, that special husband, that special son becomes a dad.

And from that point on, their life is in yet another chapter, one that includes sleepless nights, and trying to help out even when they are not sure what to do, and feeling sometimes like they wish they could make it easier for their special wife, but in a way they are REALLY glad they are not a woman. 100_3364

And as the infant grows and becomes a baby, life seems a little easier to handle, and as that baby becomes a toddler, I think some new dads can feel more able to relate to their child.

Dads , well they juggle jobs, and emotions, and finances, and trying to help where they can, and they are sometimes tired. Dads, they have a relationship with their children that is different than the moms relationship., but it is a special relationship. In my life, I have seen little girls who have become the apple of their daddies eye, they have become “daddies little girl”. And for the dads with sons, the dads are their hero, their role model and it is so neat when the little boys try to mimic their dads.

Fathers Day 2010 is coming fast, and with it there is a sense of pride , for we are blessed with 2 men in our family who have babies that they love, and as the kids grow, these men will be so important to them .

We are lucky, our grandchildren are lucky, and these dads are lucky too, for not only do they have beautiful children, but they have supportive wives, … wives that are great moms… and who realize how special these daddies are!.

Happy Fathers Day Jeff and Josh.. and to all the dads out there… as some wise person said .. “ anyone can be a Father…

but it is a special man to be a dad. “ And you two.. you are dads!.

Love always, mrs Justa… alias Cindy… alias proud mom and proud mom-in-law !!