Did you ever do that, try to wear shoes that are too big for you? As we get older- for many of us, that might be much harder to do. But as a child I can remember sliding into my mom and dads shoes and how difficult it was to get through anywhere.

Brandon however had this down to a near science. He knew he had to shuffle, keep firm pressure on part of the shoe and move slow as he went on the deck to watch the world go by , wearing grandpas shoes.

As I watched him shuffle and hesitate before making a move, it brought me to reflecting on life as an adult.
And even though we do not normally go for strolls in shoes too big for us…  we do it figuratively now and again?

There are sayings from wise people- such as “ Do not think you can fully understand another till you walk a mile in their shoes.”

How often do we do that? How often are we guilty of projecting in our minds or even verbally, how we would handle a certain situation someone else is going through, by carving out what we perceive to be the situation and picturing it as if it came in the midst of our lives.

None of us can truly understand to full gamete of any situation, unless we lived in the identical situation- with all of the components. 100_5382

Another way we tend to figuratively wear shoes to big for us, can be  at work, or when a friend or relative may ask you to do something.

In your heart, you want to help.. but in your mind it may seem a little too big to handle. It may be that all the components were not well thought out or even considered. And we end up looking at these “big shoes” and wondering how we can take the next few steps to do what we promised or committed to do.

In times like these, I actually think it may seem like the sneakers are growing even bigger. I have that happen when I choose to take on something I know little or nothing about.

Like the time the windmill fell over and the blades crashed and broke.It was the second time it had happened, the first time we had imposed on Jeff to help us fix it.. he did… and the next week it fell over again and smashed.


100_2949My shoes were definitely way too big for that project, I did take baby steps, and was able to use tons of glue, some right angle clamps,  wood screws and faith… and somehow it worked, 100_2950

but I had a good a chance of it not working… I put on shoes way too big for me on that venture. 

So as I go to finish my house work,,, I leave you with one thought… make sure you know what it is like to be in another’s “shoes”  before you truthfully can understand what it is like to be in their dilemma,  in their situations. And be careful putting on shoes too big and committing to something you might not be able to finish.


We are not God…

Life is not meant for us to judge one another,

it is our purpose to help others,

let them wear their own shoes…

maybe you can just help them

to make sure they are tied snug.

Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy