100_5061 Hmm… my brother had a thing on facebook about a woman he knew in Knoxville who is the victim of domestic violence. I know not who she was, yet tonight she is in my thoughts. Domestic violence happens way too much. It does not always end up in death of the person, but I believe each time it goes on, it kills a part of the being. The trust, the self image, the psychie, a piece of each person, each pet, each being involved or in the place it is happening is injured in some way… emotionally or physically. .

It affects adults, children , dogs , cats, elderly, infants… it really is senseless, and yet when it is happening, it is so easy for people to hide it from others, and for others to turn away instead of helping a person. Take a moment and listen to the song “Concrete Angel “ by Martina Mc Bride….

Some people feel they do not want to be helped- some are afraid if anyone knows than the punishment will get worse, or someone innocent will get harmed, some have been told so often that they are nothing without the other person..that they begin to feel powerless… to feel no self worth.

Abuse… Domestic violence it does not have to be physical- it can be verbal. And it is weird but some folks who are in the center of it , they know no different. It might be like their childhood was, so it seems normal.

I used to be a volunteer on a hot line called “Parents Anonymous” It was an 800 number in NY State ( long gone since funding became unavailable) but it was such a rewarding experience for me. It was a way to be an outreach to people, give them a place to talk, and a way to be referred. If in fact there was a case of possible abuse, we had references to call. If it was a situation when a parent felt frustrated, it brought them a friendly voice, a place to vent, a way to give some suggestions of things they could do with their children.I looked at this service as a way to perhaps curb a situation before it happened.  

Verbal or physical abuse, neglect… both are terrible. To witness, to be apart of, to live in the place where it might be going on to another person. I have a part of me that really feels for  prevention of domestic violence, for acknowledgement of it .

I think there are more people than we care to imagine who have been exposed to domestic violence or abuse in one form or another. Either personally or someone we know. And it is awful. So tonight I want to offer a prayer for that woman, and for anyone who is or has been affected…

and in closing to offer a National Phone Number- that someone shared on my brothers facebook post..the woman wrote my brother and said…  “If anyone reading this is being abused or if you know someone who is please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline anywhere in the USA @ 1-800-787-3224.”  Peace be with each of you , Love always, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy