Well one more day till the weekend. I am kinda looking forward to it , as work has been non stop all week. Heck if I knew how to stay awake for a week, I would still have plenty to do by tomorrow night.

I did it, I got up and outta here before 5:20 this morning, got to the gym, changed out of my work clothes and into sweats and did 35 grueling minutes on the elliptical, stretched a little bit of this and that and headed in for a nice hot shower. Blew my freshly shampooed hair dry and was at work before 7:30. I left tonight at 5.

Than realized today was the last day to get my free car wash at Delta Sonic- so I stopped there before I came home. As I was doing the car wash thing I was watching people. Have you ever done that, people watch? I was in some far off dimension in my brain thinking about how every single person once was unable to sit, eat on their own, get dressed on their own. We were all dependant on another person for our survival.

I wondered about each persons life history. Did they have a mom and dad at home? Did they have any siblings? Were they from a poor home or a middle class home? Oh my mind was going into alleys of ponderings about these people I do not know. Wondering if they were potty trained by 3 yrs old? Did they suck their thumb? Was either parent abusive?

Finally it was my turn to go thru the wash and I lost all visions of other human life. This car wash is a conveyor type wash, the person at the entrance yells when to put the car in neutral and you go thru at the machines pace.

Me I am finally glad that all is blocked from my vision- and all of the sudden I am reminded of the woman in front of me at the last wash- here we are. going in our cars, on a conveyor belt, with the long slats of material swinging back and forth, sloshing over our cars, and this lady puts her emergency flashers on. I believe she was afraid I was going to rear end her or something. Well I am in this car wash and start thinking  about that person. She must have been terrified , and must had thought my car was going to slam base her. I wondered if it was her first time thru the wash?  Wonder if she ever went back?                                   



I started to think again about all the first times we face in life. First breath, first hug, first pee, first kiss, first sleep, oh the list is humungous. And for me tonight, I am going to do a first and say good night at 9:30… It is amazing when you do look at a tiny baby and than an adult- and realize that many someone’s taught this adult how to do a lot of things. Life is full of baby steps…. I am off to baby step to the washer- dryer and bed., Good night everyone. Love ya, Mrs justa…