100_5036 Busy as a bee. That is an interesting analogy, and until you actually watch a bee, it may not make sense. I watched this little guy zooming around, flitting here and there and pollinating every where. It hit me that sometimes- no most times…!… at work I feel busy as a bee.

I try to have each day function like an orchestra that is well practiced. But it does not always go that way. In a split second a call or an incident can cause the orchestra strings to become out of tune and the conductor leaving the podium.

Today I had a plan. I was going to leave between 4:30 and 5. Well the best made plans do not always come out the way they are planned. I ended up not leaving till 6:05 and than in the parking lot a co worker stopped me to ask about some personal stuff… so my 4:30 or 5 to the gym got delayed.

I am not complaining , I am justastating today I felt like a bee… buzzing through areas, and trying to make it okay in the end.

All in all the day was not bad- just not the way I planned it. Than this evening I was thrilled to hear the our friends Shawn and Pat were going on a road trip and coming out for a visit. They arrived at 7:30 with Dunkin Donuts Coffee in tote and an Apple Spice donut. We both had saved enough calories to make the plunge and enjoy the donut. And spending time with them is always a hoot.

I have to go to bed kinda early tonight as I plan to hit the ground running tomorrow morning and go to the gym at 5:30. I love going in the morning because I am revved up for the day, and I have my evenings at home. So we will see. I had a little bit of insomnia thing going last night, it was 12:45 AM before I could feel a tap of Winken Blinken and Nod tapping on my shoulder and sprinkling sleepy dust on my mind. Than this AM I was up at 6 and worked a full day.

I have about 6 projects I am working on at work all at once, and I think I am having some anxiety over getting each done well. I love working on them,,, but I am anxious to implement them each. One is so close to implementation it is exciting, as each project is making life a little easier for the team that works for me. There is always things to do, clinical to review, doctors and facilities to call, patients to listen to, employees to work with, and challenges to handle. Busy as a bee….that is what we are… I am off to rest my buzzing head… have a good night everyone. Love Mrs justa alias Cindy

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