Times like this go too quickly.100_5075 Times like this make me smile. Times like this say trust. Times like this scream out love. Times like this say family. Times like this bring comfort.

This was taken on a Sunday morning back in the beginning of May. When Mark and I stayed with Brandon as his dad and mom were at the hospital having baby numero two.

Brandon was not feeling 100% that morning and we had gone outside for a stroll , picking flowers and trying to swing on his kid swing.

He does not normally take a morning nap, but when he was acting kinda sleepy, I asked him if he wanted to climb on my lap and cuddle. I told him he could go “night-night” and he came over, snuggled into position and fell to sleep.

How precious a toddler is. How neat it is to be a grand mother.

I remember thinking how I wished I had not slouched in the chair, and thinking how wonderful the scent of a child’s hair, and how relaxing his breathing sounded. I was afraid to move, for I knew he needed sleep. And I think he slept for maybe 45 minutes. That was the best 45 minutes I have spent for a long time.

We were fortunate enough to have a few hours with Jeff, Amanda and the two boys this weekend. Preston is so alert. He 100_5279 will just cuddle in your arms, looking around and reaching here and there. He tries to make a sound- it is almost like a cooing sound. It was fun, we had an all American cookout- small burgers ( lean of course) Hoffman German beef hot dogs, salt potatoes ( not cooked in much salt) a fresh salad, ( even had the kitchen sink in it !!) fruit salad, and all grain rolls. 100_5281

Ummm, it was good, and it was so nice to spend time with them. Jeff manned the grill, Brandon ran around in the yard, Indi basked in the sun, Mark and Jeff had some “guy time” to talk- ( Mark loves those moment he and Jeff get to chat) , I got to spend time with Amanda and Preston- I just love talking to her and Preston- he is a precious little boy.

We took a stroll up the road- walked about 1.4 miles. 100_5058 Mark stayed home, as he can not walk very far, but Jeff and Amanda and the 2 boys and I went for a Germandale walk. Ya think this road is flat till you walk it, and all of the sudden it takes new heights! Like catching your breath as you reach the first hill top…

ha ha the first time I walked it-about a year ago actually…  Mark told me to bring my cell phone with me,

I did but thought it was funny to take my phone on our 1.6 mile dead end flat road… well I was thinking about calling Capital Oxygen for some O2 by the time I topped the first incline.. I kid you not… it was one of the times when I breathed so hard and loud, I expected the people in their homes to call 911. I can smile about it now- as it was a lot easier carrying lots of less pounds up the hill… but it was worth a chuckle picturing how I must have looked, trying to be nonchalant as I gasped for my last breath.

I hope you had a moment of memory this past weekend.. love to all, Mrs Justa. alias Cindy