Life can be so unpredictable,things happen when we least expect it.

Today I met up with a friend , a friend from long ago,someone I first met in 1963… I have not talked to her in about 5 yrs… I asked her how she was doing. her response is. “ Well I am just starting to come up after being under a very large rock.”

Wow.. if that is not a way to describe depression than I do not know what is. A heavy weight on your shoulders, darkness, so dark you can not believe there is light out anywhere, the feeling of smothering… looking for relief or a way to relieve the pressure- yet it feels like you are alone in the world.

We talked for a while, it was good to see her, to hear her comments, to hear her past. This person had her life all set, all the professional focuses set, she fulfilled her education and various specialty studies to become what she longed to be. She was good at what she did… and bam.. health issues caused her to have to quit what her life ambitions were, do an about face and change her total life around. In talking with her today, I see she has plans for the future, I see she has goals that are starting to come into focus.  She  always had a sense of humor that was very down to earth and a chuckle that made me laugh. In our conversation the chuckle surfaced, the wisdom started to shine.. and now as I sit here I really hope she finds that rock has left. I hope she finds life is going for her. She has had some REALLY hard knocks in her past.. and it sounds like she has some things to look forward to. 

Life is not a coincidence, a happenchance

Things happen that seem more than just a coincidence. Like today…. It was one of those moments, when I look at us meeting where we did… and realize how nice it was to reconnect – if only for 10 minutes or so- today was planned- it was meant to be. So to her. I say good luck., I am going to be watching to meet up with you again… it was nice to chat…

and to everyone- be aware- watch life, watch for those planned moments that you are unaware are about to happen… for there are planned situations I bet we all miss… because we are to busy doing things we think we are supposed to be doing. Love always… and Happy Mothers Day… Cindy alias mrs justa…