Last weekend our daughter in law gave birth to their second son. What a wonderful Mothers Day gift. AS she was recuperating from a whole nights labor, Mark and I were with Brandon at their home.

Brandon was not feeling 100% and at about 10:30 he came up on my lap looking a little tired and I asked if he wanted to go nite nite… Well I guess he did, because he curled up on me and fell fast to sleep for a power nap.

As I had our grandson sleeping peacefully on my lap, I gently rocked in the recliner and thought about there is nothing more rewarding than parenting and grand parenting.

Children are dependent on the adults in their lives, children need to know they have safe people in their lives, children have so much joy and wonder to offer to each moment of the day… children are amazing.

Being a Mom was what I believe I was destined to be. And I know I was not the best mom at times, but I do know every day I tried to be the best mom I could possibly be. Jeff… a son that I have loved every day of his life. A gift from God, a blessing in my life… my hero , my pride, my life, a wise man, and a person who cares…..

And as I think about me being a mom and how wonderful it has been….I think back to years gone by and being a child myself. My mom was a remarkable woman, she really was. She was one of the most giving people I have ever known, and I may be able to safely say she was more giving than anyone I may meet in the future.

She loved life, she loved her children and she taught us lots of things in life. She was a rock when everything around me was mush, she was wisdom at times when I had lost mine, she was quiet… and did not say a lot …but when she spoke it was worth listening to.

She was to herself a lot- she very rarely shared any pain or discomfort she may have been facing. She hit the ground running every day of her life. She rarely complained, she had insight to many things but did not smother people with her thoughts. And she LOVED to debate!! I can tell you there were many of nights she  (A liberal) and Mark ( not a liberal) looked forward to a night of who can top the other.

It was amusing to be on the outside watching them… me I would never debate her. she would say to me.. “ I would have a battle of wits with you… but you are unarmed.. “ I would think… grrrr… I wish I was more intelligent. I knew better than debate her. See I had a problem with being dyslexic.. and I do not know if you know anyone who is.. but debate is not a good idea for someone like me. For me to have a debate- I would have to hear what the person said… write it down… and tell them I would be back in a little while to comment back.. Kinda not a good debate format. Normally debaters do not say “Hold that thought”

She read books all the time, she was very smart, she cared for folks and you never mentioned in front of her something you needed… because she would take that as a mission and show up at your door with what ever it was.

So tonight I wish all you Mothers ( hee hee that sounds like I am mad… ) a Happy Mothers Day… and for those of you lucky enough to still have your moms alive…well do not forget them tomorrow.

For me… I have to say a prayer and hope God delivers it to my mom… and I will spend a moment of quiet time, dedicated to my mom… because I know she is around me a lot. I miss you mom…..

Peace, Love and Happy Mommies Day.. Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy