100_5108_editedIf you have a doubt about if there is a God….     If you ever wonder if miracles can happen… than stop and observe a new born baby..

The miracle of life. The innocence of a new born baby, the dependence this precious child has on everyone around him to survive. The miracle of breast feeding and the ability for a tiny baby to be able to bring a not so new person like me comfort.

This tiny being changes the dynamics of a family. If it is the first, second or 6th child- it matters not- for the dynamics of life as it was known- a day before this blessing comes into the world… will be changed forever.

And it is amazing how this tiny bundle of warmth can make a grown adult stare, talk baby talk and coo like a Morning Dove.

What is also amazing is watching the interactions between the first born and the now new second born.

I felt peace being over at Jeff and Amanda’s home this evening, Mark and I went over to see the family after they all settled in on discharge day from the hospital.

Mark and I got to hold him for quite a while, and we made a conscious effort to pay attention to Brandon too. Jeff and Amanda had discussed that very issue too, that one would pay attention to the baby as the other let Brandon know he is their little boy too… their love for him is strong. 100_5107

AS soon as we got there, Mark picked up Brandon and asked him where his baby brother was. this photo is Brandon showing  Preston to grandpa.

Ah yes… life goes on and the days roll into years so quickly.

I can not imagine what my life was like before being a mom, a wife and now being a grandmother.

Was there life back before all of this? Oh yes there was… but I have come to realize there must have been a void .. a void unnoticed… because now everything feels full.. right… the way God meant for it to be.

Thank you Jeff and Amanda for who you are, thank you Mark for all your caring and loving and thank God for what I am blessed with. We do not have to have riches and jewels… oh no… this is more than material things can ever amount to…

Love to all.. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy