I just got off the phone with a Health Survey Coach. She means well, and I guess to some who may not see doctors or have totally lost touch with themselves- she would be beneficial.

It is a program thru work where you have to go onto a site, fill out a huge survey and electronically send it in. Depending on how you answered, there is a summation of what areas might need help.

At the time I filled it out, and even now there is not much wrong except my weight and she was thrilled to hear all I am doing to improve it. I have been tested and prodded for all the things that could go wrong with an over 50 woman, and I seem to be doing okay.

it was funny- she wanted to know what was stressful in my life, and I said really not anything. She said what do you think you need to change. I said— well maybe I need to accept the fact that I am over 50- that has not hit me yet.

She asked if there was anything that was bothering me, since I filled out the survey and said there wasn’t- i said no…

So than she asked – what about work?- any problems with work— I said No- I told her I actually love my job,… how about home.. social… I said no I  have great friends and great family—and just had my 3rd grandchild born … basically life is good. 100_5059

She was dying to get me to think and think

until I could come up with an issue or 2. But I have nothing really going on right now that is bugging me….

So she zoned in on my food allergy- I can not change that-  so she recommended a Web site I could go to for food allergies- it is government run and will actually send you alerts if a food product is contaminated with what you are allergic to. www.foodallergy.org

The survey is over, she did not ask if I wanted her to call back… so life is good.

The little Preston is doing well, he and mom should be home tomorrow. Brandon will have fun with his little brother, I just know he will be a big helper. Jeff is off for a few days to help… things are coming together right now.

I hope this finds everyone well.. Until tomorrow.. Love to all,,, Cindy.. alias Mrs justa…

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