“Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life.
  Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it. “
Cullen Hightower

Oh I love this quote … I really do…it brings back moments in my past… like this time…. I was just talking with Mark about a time when I was able to laugh at my mistake but when my family and friends laughed at me I got really angry.

Time warp time….doo doo doo doo…. this is a “Confucius” says moment… we are traveling back in yester year… I had a web chaise lounge chair in the back yard, I am the tough age of 13. It was cool at that time in my life to take baby oil and iodine and mix them together, coat our skin and lie in the sun with aluminum foil panels on cardboard reflecting the suns rays more on us.

So here I am, in the high noon heat of the day, and I had just come in the back yard from whacking a tennis ball around on the street. I coat my skin with this awful mixture… and start to bake. The sun was therapeutic warm at first, and I decided to bounce the tennis racket gentle off the tip of my nose. Bong, Bong Bong, as the nylon strings firmly bounced …welllllllllllllllll

I think I hypnotized myself to a sound sleep as I was bonging this racket off my nose, and the racket had laid to rest on my face.

Are ya getting a picture here… well let me just say… it was not pretty!!! When I woke up, I remember how slimy I felt and my nose was a little sore from the weight of the tennis racket…

but the worse part of all… was the little red squares of burnt skin all over my face and part of my neck… Yep I burnt to a crisp during my accidental snooze… bright red checker board squares…it hurt to smile, it hurt to open and close my eyes… and the impression of the handle white as could be, going down my neck and chest…

I started laughing at how stupid I looked… until my brothers and sisters and mother saw me and started to laugh too.

Than .. I got really angry — they were laughing at me in my misfortune… so I  marched up to my room to drown in my anger and self pity and was so mad at them.

Oh this was a too long lasting mistake… at 13 … a zit is a life disaster- so imagine how bad this was…. I looked like a dang fool for weeks… ya can’t get a makeup to cover that…

and when it blistered and started to peel- well I looked kinda like an orange flaking…

So a word to the wise… do not rest in the sun with a badminton or tennis racket on your face. Oh yeah… and do not use baby oil and iodine for suntan lotion- A) there is not sun screen— but B) it is like frying yourself in a frying pan with Crisco…

Love to all… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy 

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