Has anyone ever surprised you with a response to you…….in a negative way though? Anger that makes you feel like there is a fire roaring through your soul….

Well that happened to me today. I guess I should thank the guy because he made me so angry that I pictured he was on the TV screen Elliptical tonight and I was showing him how totally aggravated  he made me!

So thanks “ you know who you are”  for being so unreasonable today!

The person was totally off base, I tried to share information with him on a particular case he was involved with, and he went ballistic!

Shouting over me talking, screaming actually and than all of the sudden—static… the guy slammed the phone down.

I never in my life would ever treat another person that way… and this guy is a superior…. supposedly a mentor… supposedly a level headed person, supposedly a person respected in the public eye, a “professional”……. He went “Nam” on me…

I tried to remain calm… but after he slammed down the phone… and I tried to reflect on the unbelievable interaction that just happened…. I realized how totally angry I was with him.

First of all… he needed the information I was trying to inform him about— but instead he screamed when ever I opened my mouth… He did not hear a word I was saying and made a scenario in his mind that caused him to be so angry- and none of what he was assuming was factual.

AHHHH. my legs and butt are sore because of him… just cuz I went “Nam” on the cardio equipment on my way home tonight. So my anger.. ( My mom used to always say “Don’t go to sleep on an angry sun”…. ) has now turned to appreciation— for because of him I worked harder than I would had I realized how tired I was….

So my anger has turned… I am thankful he was such an unreasonable so-and-so… for I used that anger , that total irritation , to make progress.. Thanks… “you know who you are.. “  Love mrs justa…