100_4925 We used every hour of this weekend and then some- today I felt like we had already gone thru 2 days. But alas, one more day was really left. Yesterday did a number on me, but after a nice restful sleep- I was back up at 7:30 this morning. So I started with getting the bills out, and check book in hand and getting the bills ready for when Mark gets up. He had gotten up during the night and returned around 6:30 for further sleep. So I took it as an opportunity to get ready for bill pay. He is the guru of the bill pay on line, I do the calculating and see what needs to get pd.

We do a lot of that.. a ying and yang type thing. He mows the yard using the John Deere, I try to do touch up with the push mower. He vacuums the house, I clean. he can bring in the laundry, I throw it in the washer and dryer. He can move the camper and help with putting it up, and I worked on cleaning it and the patching- but I was relieved what he was able to assist by going in the camper, sitting on the bed and getting the needle I was pushing thru the patch, and than pushing it back out to me.

When the weekend hits, we do try to do stuff together, because once the week days hit, I am off to work than if there are any stops on the way home- my day becomes at least 12 hrs away from here.

Life is funny, it seems to fly by. it seems to change in characteristics and the years pass. At one time my life was consumed by being a mom, now I know I am a mom, but my life is consumed in work, being a grand parent and being home with my husband. Years ago, before he was injured… spending time with my husband was few and far between. So even through he was home for most weekends… it was busy times getting him recouped from the week prior and ready for the week to come. Life can take our lives, shake them up and we are scrambling for the pieces to all fit in.

Soon… very soon… Brandon will have that happen when all of the sudden he is the older brother instead of the baby in the house. Jeff and Amanda- they will have 2 children to care for instead of the one. What an exciting time for them.. and a time for adjustments.

Ya just never can predict what life will do… and I truly believe that we need to take each day as a new adventure. Like opening a new book every time you open your eyes. Wondering what is on  the next page… right now my next page is to go out with Mark and watch the show we DVRed this week… and I will iron the 4 or 5 things I have as the show plays.

And tomorrow… who knows… it may be like this weekend and be so filled with so much that Tuesday will feel like it should be Weds. Good luck with your new day tomorrow… your new adventure. Treasure your tomorrows, and accept your yesterdays. Love to all, Mrs justa,… alias Cindy