100_5019 Varmints—I do not like varmints. They have no rhyme or reason to why they do what they do. they are el’distructo critters… Kinda piss me off!

Today we popped our camper- It has been a really good camper- it is a 1995 Coleman Rio Grande.

We those dang varmints created my back ache I am feeling right now. Yep those furry little fast running gnawers…those pesty little things that do not know how to hold their poop… they don’t—as they walk they must poop… everywhere….

Bet they have trouble playing hide and seek… cuz the other critters would just have to follow the poop trail.

Well we cranked the old camper up- only to find this and
















so today was patch the camper day. Oh we hemmed and hawed over this, as the camper has no payments, and these critters thought the moth balls were a gift instead of a deterrent. We went here and there, and the first camping place we went to had a bit of an arrogance about them- so we were determined not to buy from there- but after going to sports stores, another big camping store, a mom and pop hardware store.. well we ended back at the arrogant camping store and got a couple of repair kits. I think I started on this journey around 2… after we got done driving all over looking for replacement stuff… and I just got in here around 8:30. I am feeling muscles I forgot existed, I am feeling exhausted, I am feeling relieved I got at least some patches on as a starting point. The screens we patched with screen repair kits, and the canvas… well I cut small shapes to cover each and than use “ShoeGlue” or canvas glue. And when all was said and done… I said to Mark when he came in to see the end result.. that a camper with patches has character!!!

We heard the weather and it is rain for the next few days.. so we cranked it back down and we will see how those patches did when we raise it again.

This lady is pooped,,, exhausted… and in a moment or two… I will be in a warm shower and than going to bed. God night everyone… Love , Mrs Justa…