brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 078 Today was National Professional Assistant Day. A day , where at where I work, we give thanks to the non licensed staff in the department who make our jobs easier. We try to do something different to celebrate the day. One year we have made up thank you gift cards and had a rose for each of them on their key board. One year we did thank you cards plus passed around some designer paper to all the nurses , and asked the nurses to each write something of appreciation for all they do. This year we did the scratch off lottery ticket in a small package made out of nylon net and ribbon and filled each with some chocolates, plus we had a platter of doughnut holes and mini doughnuts.

It reminded me how time can get away from us and we forget to thank people for working and doing what they do. It takes so little time to thank someone, yet it lasts for a long time.

Is there someone you have not told thanks to .. someone that you have let times get in the way of just dropping them a line or talking to them?

For me… there are many— so for tonight I want to say


to everyone who takes a moment of the day to come over to this site and share a moment of my day. And thanks to every single person that makes my life what it is,

and Thank You God for all you have given me, all the challenges you have known I could get through—even when I had doubt.

Have a great day— and again .. THANKS> Love to all… Cindy- alias mrs justa.

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