“Your friend is

your needs answered.”  k. Gibran

Isn’t that a neat thought. I have found over the years that the quantity of friends is not what is important—no it is not—it is the quality of your friends that count.

We can have many friends of poor quality and they are not worth the value of one true friend.

Our friends are from different times in our lives. And to some… we may not even know what friends are out there that we have not spoken to for a while.

What is really neat is there can be a friend, a true friend, who has maybe had life take them away from where you are, and if you are blessed with a chance to meet them again- all the time that had lapsed – it disappears and it is like you never lost contact.

I have a few friends, my friends are people I met at work- but we went beyond work and have done things on the outside together. The are worth gold—for if I needed them… or they needed me… there would not be a hesitation- there would not be a question—we would stop what we are doing and be there for each other.

I have a friend or two from long ago- and I cherish them … knowing again they are there for me if I ever needed them- and we do not take each other for granted.

A friend is like a tree, you know they are there, you know you can lean on them, or just enjoy them… friends… they are God’s gift to everyone… they are what makes the world turn … thanks for being my friend… Love to all, Mrs Justa.

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