Fear- it can grab a hold of us and not let go if we let it.

Fear is strange because sometimes it makes no sense.

Fear can consume us.

Fear can make us peek out of a door or window, enough to see but with enough on the other side that a retreat is easy to do.

Some animals seem to be more fearful than others. This goat was fearful. He had enough of a comfort in that door way- that his fear kept him ready to do an about-face and go back in the dark.

I have had times in my life when fear was so powerful that it consumed me. It took away my freedom and enclosed me in a protected area.

Fear can be less controlling but still play games with your mind.

Like before I go to sing in front of people I have a scroll of fears going through my mind like the credits at the end of a movie.

What if I open my mouth and nothing comes out? What if I totally miss the part to enter? What if my mouth becomes dry like cotton. What if I do not enunciate my words- and I sound like I am talking in a different garbled language? What if the lyrics drop to the floor? What if I fall? What if the power goes out? Oh yeah the scrolling goes on and on. So what do I do… I hand it over to God. I pray that things will be okay.. I ask God to protect me from my own fears, and to give me the strength to make it through the song. And I feel the reassurance of God answering me in what seems like being wrapped in his arms for a moment.

Today was one of those mornings. I was to sing in church. The service varies some, so one never knows for sure how deep into the service the solo will be. My solo was set up in the beginning of the service, and I just “Let Go and Let God.”

It always helps me to shield away the fear- so it can not enter the in my area. Like I have plexiglass surrounding me and fear can not break it. Some may ask than Why do you do it??  Because I can… because I truly believe I was given a talent and I need to use it where I can. I am not saying I am great— just saying I can sing and will until I can no longer carry a note. Church needs me, I am there to help with a special song every once in a while. We each have spiritual gifts… I was blessed with the ability to sing a song. I truly believe what ever we each have been blessed with, we need to use that gift.

Fear can consume me in bad weather sometimes as I am driving home— but again I have to “Let Go and Let God” and trust if I am meant to make it home unscathed—than I will get there. Fortunately we do not have tornados- but we do have other types of inclement weather that can cause a challenge to appear as we drive through it.

I have a few things about to go on this week— again— I will depend on my faith, on my belief in myself and I will continue to remind myself that “It is not about me!” I am not … nor can I ever.. do it alone.

I hope you have a good week… I will try to be back tomorrow… Love to all.. Cindy… alias Mrs justa