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100_4998_edited Life and it’s events. In a moment everything changes and we adjust. But in just a moment the change happens, and everything we were accustomed to has some variation. It is not a bad thing, but it is tough when change is hard to take, because no one can guarantee life will not have changes in it.

I was thinking that as Jeff , Amanda, Brandon and Badger are days maybe weeks away from having a new baby in the house. It is a fun time, a time of anticipation, a time of magic with the thrill of an 18 mos old and watching his innocence and his personality coming out more and more. And also a time of anticipation- how will the night time feedings go, and how will Brandon be with a new baby in the house.

I see Brandon as being the helper, he loves to get things for people, and loves to help out with picking up and he is very used to a routine. And it seems not much gets in his way when he knows he is tired, that is the end of the story- he goes to bed and he is in silent slumber for the night.

I think they are very lucky to have such a good spirited first child, for his love of life will help to make the transition easier.

And yet- it is all the newness, and changes to a life they have pretty much under control. So the photo I took this evening, it was a great visual of how even the dog will join in the pose. How they seem to have it all together.

We were blessed with a few hours of watching Brandon  and as Mark put it- that was our “date night” – as we left our house and went out on a date with Brandon, and to finish off the date – well we had a nice chat with Jeff and Amanda when they came back home.

Life and events— ya just never know when something will change the patterns of life we are accustomed to. SO hang on and be ready for what change comes your way. Love to all.. I am off to find a warm spot to veg in for a bit. Until later… Mrs justa alias Cindy