Whoa, what a way to start our day at work. Somehow before we officially started our grueling day we got on the subject of REGRETS. I am 56 years old and some of the people I work with are older than I am, and some are close behind me in years.

One of the woman, who is also maybe 4 –5 years older than I am, started to say that she has many regrets. We were talking about not focusing on the what ifs, because it is wasting those precious few minutes, hours, days, months and years we have left on this earthly life.

Not one of us regretted having our children, we all cherish our children, and love who they have grown up to be. And I think all of us realize we were destined to have our kids.

But this can be very depressing, in fact one of the women said something to that effect- about boy this is not an uplifting conversation.But it was things each had something to say something about.

I think about the what ifs from time to time, just because the turn we take on each step on our road of our life- it can be life changing.

It is more like looking in a mirror , and looking behind you, as you look you see the winding road you have traveled. 

The what if I had strayed off the beaten path, where would I be now?

What if I had gone to school for teaching , or what if I chose to join the service … there are infinite ‘what ifs” Me my regrets are inner self type regrets. Deep inner soul issues that I can not let go of, but really did not change decisions I made on my journey. I truly feel I was destined to have the joys and the heartaches… and it is those heartaches that made me able to feel deeper joy. So all those times of woe—they created the ability to cherish those I love. To find a deep love and commitment to my husband, my son, my step daughter, and their families, to totally love my family, to love the people I work with and to love what I do.

My regrets are too deep to touch at times, they are my own , not able to be shared… they are hidden inside- if I look I can see them through the see- though top in my subconscious….- but they are covered tightly, sealed, and when I look for them, I see them. I don’t look too long, for I can not analyze them- no I have to look at the good in my life and let the regrets rest in peace. I will take them to my grave in hopefully many years to come… and when I do leave this world—the regrets will stay – not to stay with my soul.

So if you have regrets, things that you wish you had done many years ago— try to pigeon hole them- not focus on them… let them be… and love your life, look forward to every day… enjoy those you have surrounded your life with, and instead use the energy to find happiness. Love to all Mrs Justa… alias Cindy