A little boy on a mission. Eyes set on a direction to go in, and heading that way in a hurry.

That is how I felt this Tuesday morning. My mission was the dealer, I wanted to be there when the maintenance doors opened- I was second in line.

So what I found out was the oil filter was dripping oil- they tightened it. And I have a slight transmission fluid leak- guess the left axle is loose- they ordered the part, topped the fluid and said I will be okay for a few weeks till the part came in.

my car not starting—well I am not nuts- I guess there is a TSB ( I figure that means a service bulletin) stating that the radio can interfere with the computer working to start the car— that part is on order too- it is a ground strap… and last but not least- my defroster button does not always push in- cuz it is defective—that too is on order.

Now the weird thing at the dealers— and this was freaky weird— was that I left my blue tooth ( yes I had charged it last night) in the car- and I took my phone into the dealers. Normally – the phone is no longer on hands free- and I can just use it. Well every time I dialed a number my phone went to hands free mode- and I could not hear anything. So I tried taking out the battery, and putting it back in.. I tried walking around different parts of the show room- the only thing I can figure is the the new cars in the show room have a computer program , where it takes your cell phone and runs it thru the radio speakers- so you have hands free- well the cars musta been picking up my cell phone. So I had to literally leave the building and walk in the parking lot to use my cell phone. Totally weird…

My next mission was work. I was going to get there and help with a bunch of different projects. Well that did not work as well as planned- as there is so much to do- the day flew by. I could have stayed there through the night and still be working as the sun rises in the morning… and I know with all I have to do, I will be up early to go get stuff done… I hate feeling this way… makes me want to never sleep…

So I will be like Brandon tomorrow— and march outta here with plans—with a mission… and hopefully by the time the sun is setting- some of my missions will be complete. I will end my day at the gym…and it will feel good… I hope.

Have a good one.. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy