Looking at the size of this cruise ship- it was literally breath taking. It was surreal. It was like I had to keep slapping myself to assure me that I was really seeing this ship.

It was HUGE, Massive, and very hard to comprehend how it can stay a float so easily, and how easily I can sink ??

Mark and I have mentioned a Cruise in passing, but never really sat down and prepared to take one. There are many reasons I have not pushed the subject.

The first is we would have to spend a lot of money. I have a very hard time justifying in my head what sense it makes to spend in a week what it might take months to save. I just can not grab that and accept it.

Secondly we would have to probably fly to the port. I personally want to be a lot thinner than I am now before I hop on a plane. Can you imagine if the pilot stopped take off to tell you to leave the plane because you are too big! that happened a few weeks back to some guy. With my luck they would open the side door and roll me out of the chute than whiz off in the sky. Or what if at the counter they have you stand up in front of a outline and you exceed the lines of the outline and they make you buy 2 tickets… nope just not ready for that !

Thirdly..I would be afraid of some weird tropical storm coming and …. here I would be, a part of history in the making. I could see me hanging onto whatever was solid for dear life. Problem… I have not real strength- so I would be that plop in the water – the “ hey did you hear something?” sound. Glug glug.. so than I am envisioning the cold water- and that takes my to Leonardo DiCarprio floating on a board in the titanic and how cold the water was- I am bone chilled as I type this..

So I guess until I meet my desired goals in life- you will not be finding me on a cruise ship!. I will have to overcome watching the Titanic 6 times, and also the fears of flight and floating!.

Basically, I guess I am just a home body… a plain Jane type…

and this photo— well it freaks me out more. This all came about tonight as I was on the treadmill and there was a commercial about a couple news shows. One was about gators and the folks that get them from strange places and the other is about a 911 at sea type show. The previews show them pulling someone onto a stretcher who was on a cruise ship the went under… how freaky! … So for me— I am staying on land, and watching luxury as I walk the treadmill- it is safer- and better for the budget. Sorry Cruise lines!.. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy