Through the memory of this past week I trudge, 100_4437 looking through the past 9 days is like looking through this path in the field. Pushing it from side to side and seeing moments from this past 9 days.  Much of this past week was spent just being. Just enjoying each moment.

As I push the grass to the right I see the vision of the gym. We went to the gym each day- that is always fun. Getting all worked up, heart racing and going past where I believe I can go. Mark doing what he is able to do, and me doing my own thing, what I am able to do. Yes that is a fun memory.

Oh and over here- yes- I push back the greenery to see the memory of when we went out with friends for coffee one evening- we always have a good time with these two folks. And then oh .. over there- I see Mark and I as we went out for a few breakfasts – ordered the breakfast special – 2 eggs, toast, coffee and a meat- for 3.49. How can you go wrong. We could just sit, chat and leave- some one else got to do the dishes. That was nice.

As I am pushing away the grass again- I see the memory of the garden. I spent time helping by shoveling and than tilling the garden with our cultivator, that was hard work. Oh yeah. Man that garden may have had various critters eat my veggies last year- but it still knows how to grow rocks! Oh that memory is making my back hurt. Ugg… I think I did 6 wheel barrels oh rocks- Mark said I did only 4.

100_4438 As I stroll further through this path of memories from the vacation I am about to be ending- I see birds… yes birds- we got a bird feeder pole last week and put it up. The birds are spreading the word… slowly we are gathering more birds. And the Blue Bird- ( That Jeff says we don’t have … should be coming back soon.

Pushing into another memory- oh this one brings a smile to my heart and warmth to my soul.. for about 16 hours this past week we were blessed with time spent with Brandon . Ahh that was neat. He was so much fun- And we had time to sit and talk with Jeff and Amanda some, I really love moments like that!…. I have to remember where that memory lies- I will come back to it again. We enjoyed every moment- …………….

And the newest memory- that is the fresh cut lawn, the wind chimes in the trees, the various solar lights up, the windmill out. Spring has officially sprung in this corner of my memory walk…

and as I am going to go back to work to be with folks I have missed this past week, to deal with challenges that are always interesting, and to be thankful for everything I have—

Thanks for sharing this stroll – love to all. Mrs Justa—alias Cindy