What do you do when you can not see an open pathway?

What do you do when you think all the opportunities have passed you by?

Well, If you are like Brandon was- he stared at the road blocks – just stood there and stared.

We had all the doors to the various rooms closed- he had the center of the house to romp around in- he did not need bathrooms, dens or bedrooms to explore.

So he stood there willing the door knob to turn- looking at it for what seemed to be 10 minutes- I am sure it was less.

Than he found another way to find challenges- like throwing the ball for the dog, and playing with his toys, and helping me with things I was doing.

His big treat today was to help grandma carry the laundry basket into the washer area.

Our washer and dryer are on the same floor as the rest of the house- we have a gate blocking that area- so we opened the gate and he helped me put clothes in the washer.

Well when the washer was closed, being it is a front loader, 100_4987_edited he was amazed! I had to laugh- I called Mark in to see his face!.

He kept pointing at the washer as it sloshed back and forth, and he had this look that we could not help but smile from.

Now I was reminded of the innocence of youth, of the thrill of new things we take for granted, and at how special every day occurrences are to a little child.








What a wonderful way to end my vacation week.

Who needs to go miles away, and spend thousands of dollars- when you can have moments like this for free…

Not me… Love to all. Mrs.Justa.. alias Cindy…. grandma