100_4919 Last week as I was ready to get into my car after work I saw this leaf rocking back and forth on these stones next to where I was parked. Now to some – it may seem like what’s so special about this leaf.

But to me- this leaf represented surviving the odds, fighting for chances to live that extra day, year, or many years- when all odds are against you.Putting one foot in front of the other, even when stopping would be the easy way out. 

This leaf survived a winter- and it is unscathed! Look at it, curled a little on the edges, but not crumbly. It seemed totally amazing to me.

Have you ever been told you could not do something, or known someone that fought a negative prediction and came out better on the other side?

If someone had asked me if I thought I would find a leaf,  in the same condition it was  in October, to find it on an April day- not cracked.. not split- I would say no. And yet here I was looking at this leaf. And I hate to admit it- but this leaf  inspired me. Not just for the moment- but right to this post.

I have seen people conquer grime health outlooks and come out the other side surviving and better for the journey. I have taken chances in my life that have been chances perhaps some thought foolish- but I did it anyhow- and glad I did.

I have known of times when Ii thought the sun would never shine on me again- because my heart break was so severe I thought it would never mend- but it did. And when I felt I was not worthy of being loved by anyone- someone came into my life and showed me I was.

There were  many times 100_4659when I could have thrown in the towel, said life is not worth it- I never did.. and I am so grateful for that- for had I not fought the fight-  I never would have seen this smile, I never would have felt this love for these precious examples of joy.









How thankful I am that I was like this leaf- and I hung on when the odds were against me. I prayed for strength, prayed for guidance, and as hard as it was believed that it would get better. 

Just like this leaf…. believe in yourself- take a chance- and never give up. Life is short – life is worth every moment you invest in it. Love to all… Mrs justa— alias Cindy