Taking the time to just look. At nothing in particular, but at the world, at life.. letting it happen in front of you, nothing specific, just happening.

I can sit and just look out a window for very long bouts of time. Just looking. No where in my train of thoughts, just looking… deep breathing… just being aware of life. 

Brandon did that very thing on Monday- he was going around checking out lots of stuff and than poof- he stopped—-he just stood there, no real special reason, but it was life. I checked to see if there was a cat or dog roaming, maybe a bird pecking at the ground… nope… just life going by.

I find tranquility in times like these, tranquility in the silent surroundings, tranquility in what seems like the clock stops ticking for a moment…like the whirlwind of life stopped- put the brakes on and said relax.


Have you ever gone and sat next to a lake? 100_3475Just staring at nothing but really staring at everything. The sounds of the waves as they lightly splash along the rocks that line the shore. It is a clapping sound if you listen closely. There will be a slight breeze, than a clap. It is almost hypnotizing and extremely relaxing.  People have asked me before “What are you thinking?” and I will say “Absolutely nothing!” Folks can not understand how I can think of nothing. But in these moments of solitude I somehow can stop everything in my life… and for those moments nothing matters. There is nothing pulling at my stress level to remind me of this or that I have to do. I will not have my cell phone on me, and for these moments in time- it is quiet time, time to feel God’s presence, time to recharge, to reconnect with life.

When I decide to snap back to reality of the day to day struggles- I amazingly look at life refreshed- rejuvenated, and even the worse things I had to deal with do not seem so bad now.

Brandon did not need to go somewhere exotic to have this time of solitude, no one does. The key is to stop! That is all.

100_4916 I can find this in looking at a flag whirling in the wind, or watching the sun rise or set, or just looking out the window.

This photo was one of those moments.. I took this one morning on my way to work. I saw this happening and had to stop— stop and watch as the world was just filled with silhouettes- black and white- no colors- the branches seemed so delicate, so sharply formed, standing tall and looking forward to the day. Houses were shapes- each looked the same as the next, no indication of color of condition of the home,just a shape in the darkness.

Yes folks, all you have to do is stop and look.

Not for hours on end, but for a few moments every day. Let God’s gifts shine upon you , be mesmerized by the glory of life, the gift life has to offer, the wonders of each living thing,

not the gadgets, not the technology- no not those things-

Just real things, things that have been here for ages, longer than any of us will be…

Ahh, if you do this..I think you too will see a difference in how you look at life’s challenges. Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy