To watch a child process thoughts in their mind is really pretty neat. Brandon was liking this puzzle but could not totally get the concept of twisting the piece to get it in the right slot each time. But if we pointed to a space the piece went, he would put it in the space and it would either slide in the right way or lean on the edge. He liked pulling the piece out and looking at it- he seemed to think that was cool.

I love these puzzles- they fit perfectly in a zip lock gallon bag- so the pieces are always with the puzzle board.

Wouldn’t life be neat if we could all pull a piece up, look at it and know exactly where it went and how it fit. If we could pull a piece to look at it, analyze it and then choose to keep it or let go of it.

But nooo. life is never that easy. Not for many I know, and it never has been easy for me. I find life is full of pieces, and that sometimes, when I am not looking … it seems like someone takes my pieces and replaces them with theirs- and nothing seems to fit the puzzle board of my life.

What is the right thing to do at any given moment, and how do you know when that piece of quandary  will fit snuggly in its place- if it really fit correctly. What will the result be if you leave that piece of life’s puzzle out?

Financially what is the best place to put that spare dollar- when there is one… which purchase is necessary- which purchase is not. What foods to eat. What paths to take. What words fit best in what situation, and when should you not fill in a moment with any words. What is the right way to deal with things that come up with your children.. with your spouse… with your friends… with you ?

The puzzle board above is neatly formed and you know which forms are always going to be there, and you know they fit in one of those areas—but the puzzle board of life… Not so much.! The cut out areas in the board of life change, and the forms become mixed up, colors can change and it becomes hard to figure out what goes where, how to make it work. If life was predictable, all neatly formed days and events, what fun would it be? So on that note I wish everyone a great day… watch out for those puzzle pieces of life that can switch in a moments notice, and enjoy the challenges.

Love to all Mrs Justa…alias Cindy