Okay… this one really took the cake today. We went out for breakfast this morning at a dinner not far from here. It is really almost the same cost as eating at home. They have 2 eggs, choice of bacon, sausage, or ham , coffee and toast for   $ 3.29. So here we are, Easter morning and in comes a couple with these to identical dressed little girl, in their Easter Dresses, with pretty little purses. The parents seemed very proud of their 2 daughters. It is a place where you seat yourself, and people wait in line as the groups in front choose where they are going.

Well the mom told us we could go ahead, they wanted a place in the front of the restaurant. So off we went to the back area. In a moment or 2 a table opened up in the center of the floor- surrounded by maybe 5 other tables with families at them. Out of the clear blue- this mom pulls out a portable DVD player for the daughters to watch a Disney movie on while they wait for their meal.

Now this is WRONG in SO many ways…. first- the restaurant serves well before the hour to hour and half the movie takes…second one would hope that these 2 little girls could maybe be involved in the interactions at the table with their parents…….third.. I personally would not want to have a movie going at a table within earshot of mine…….fourth if your children can not sit civilly at a table for the maybe 10 to 15 minutes it takes to be served..than maybe going out to breakfast is not for them yet.

I watched as other tables had children and they were trying to have their kids pay attention to their meals and not the movie. I watched another older couple look over in a sort of disgust. After the meal was served- here the parents are with the DVD player in between them on the table, shut off for meal time. These table do not have much room on them for 4 people. It seemed so unnecessary. I was amazed- totally amazed.. how people sometimes have the tendency to only see them in the world.

So off I go… to grab the laundry, put it away and make sure I am ready for tomorrow. I hope everyone had a nice Easter. The weather here was perfect. I will be back tomorrow.. who knows what will have transpired in the space in the world around me tomorrow. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy