I love Springtime, I mean really love it. It is a fresh time of year. 100_3081 The pure white snow that had turned to dingy dirty brown snow has melted away, the grass from last year is becoming entwined with the grass that waited all winter to show its green colors, flowers are starting to pop their heads out of the ground, Robins are tweeting in the morning and crickets serenading us at night as we drive home.

But the other amazing thing I noticed tonight on my way home is people. Yes people! Sure all year round I see people as they hustle and bustle form their warm cars and homes into another place that is warm. But people tonight were not hustling or bustling, they were gathered in front of their homes and walking on roads, walking on sidewalks. Smiling and letting the wind rearrange their hair style, and they did not care. People sitting and leaning in front of ice cream stores, enjoying that first ice cream of the season. People with their convertible tops down, and motorcycles revving. People with their shades and windows open on their homes and curtains being tossed ever so gently back and forth  by the breeze as it snuck in through partially opened windows. People talking to one another.

Winter around here, to me, seems like a journey, an adventure,  unknown the severity of it but a known that it is going to be challenging at times- so this first day in the 80s, this blessing and hint of Spring… it is like we all have to come out of our shells… out of our homes… and share a moment or two with others. Some may have vegged all winter and are now faced with the challenge of loosing the weight that seemed to find residence under our skin.

I was also reminded today at noon-something the traffic lady says to a popular DJ here in town.., “Just because it comes in your size , does not mean you should wear it!”

But the day was beautiful, it felt fresh, it felt hopeful, it felt real.

Happy Spring time, Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate Easter… Easter to me symbolizes that miracles DO happen, that God is real, and that Jesus was a strong man who stood up to torture-much more severe than I can even imagine.

And he did it for all… Whoa… My love goes to all… Love Mrs. Justa.. alias Cindy